In Customs of Germany

If you have ordered from Germany, it is recommended to check tracking number sometime since parcels are often stopped in Customs.


One day, a Germany girl received an email from Deutsche Post that they are going to start transaction to return her parcel to Japan. Actually she didn’t have any notification from them. She called them and they said they did. (Maybe local postman forget to leave notification?) Then she contacted me to stop them somehow. I called Japan Post International Service section. They told me the phone number of Deutsche Post International Postal section. I let her know the number. Then I submit an paper inquiry to Japan Post since they don’t accept on phone. She also called them. Fortunately, she could receive her parcel safely at the time with avoiding return. Maybe it worked our effort from both side Germany and Japan.


At her case, I was feeling that the parcel stays little too long in Customs. However I thought that they just taking time to transact because they might have lots.


This thing reminds me long time ago, when I prepared to sell on eBay, (I was selling on eBay before) checked many country’s postal situation on internet.  On a forum in Japanese, I found information of Germany. They were talking about Customs. “They are one of very strict country. Officially from Japan to Germany need to put just one invoice. However they pass around some sections. And they seems to take invoice at each sections. So we better put 3 invoices in. Otherwise they might put it back to Japan.” Therefore from beginning, always invoices are 3 to Germany.


Anyway Germany Customs seems to attempt return parcels easily from these both things. So I’d like to let you know the phone number of  Deutsche Post International Postal section since you can call them if your parcel stops for a long time. Anyhow I have to ask you call here since I can’t talk in Germany. And of cause you are familiar with your area. So it can be smooth resolution. If it stays there for 2 weeks, it’s long.

The phone number of  Deutsche Post International Postal section: 01805-345-2255 (Only from Germany)


Of cause you can contact me feel free if have some problems. I do try to solve it with you anytime!

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